Bet behind

Bet behind at CasinoWinner Blackjack

Evolution currently has an option in the Live Casino Blackjack for Casinwinner: Bet behind!

What is Bet Behind?
Bet Behind is a blackjack bet that is usually offered in land based casinos. With this bet you can bet on players who have a hot streak at the blackjack table. This results in that you can bet on another player at the table, in addition to playing your own hand. With this you can increase your bet and winnings.
Every player at the table has a Bet Behind box, in addition to their own bet box.
What are the limits for Bet Behind
Minimum bet on Bet Behind is 1/5 of the table minimum. I.e. min bet behind on a 10 euro table is 2.

Casino Winner displays a note with the game to make it clear that you have to sit at the table to use the Bet Behind function.

Note: You will only receive the bonus if you are sitting at the table and not with the “Bet Behind” function.