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Welcome new Casino webmasters!

Casino affiliation can earn you a lot of money, send custumers on your website to a casino-site and get a percentage.

It really works! We cannot tell you in detail how much you will earn, it all depends on several circumstances, in our case it took 4 years to earn enough, but we were quite noobish, lol.You should be able to get some real good figures in about one year..:)
If you want more details, don’t hesitate to contact us.

A lot of money is still to be earned as in the online gambling industry!

The so-called revenueshare percentage varies between 17% and 60%, much higher rates than in other markets!
A CPA model does also exist, wich means you get a fixed amount for every new player you bring to the casino, this varies from 75$ ton 300$.
We strongly recommend you as an affiliate to choose the revenueshare deal!

Registration and participation is always free.

Once you registered as an affiliate at one of the following casinos you will get certain codes from them, like text links and banners that you can place on your website,
so, if a player clicks through your website to that casino, the casino can track him as your player. Whenever they go back to that casino and play, you will get your percentage, lifetime!

You never have to pay yourself if players win more than they loose, but it’s very much worth looking if the casino has the “no negative carry-over” rule in place, wich means they will put your balance at zero at the end of the month if you had a negative balance as a result of a big winning player.

You should not be blinded by a high rev.share %, more important is how the specific program is doing for you personaly, and after you have been active for quite some time it’s often possible to negotiate a better deal with your affiliate manager.

The affiliate programs presented below, are the best according our experience.

Fruitkings – Myjackpotcasino 17% – 40%

No Negative carry over
One of the best affiliate programs in our opinion:
Fruitkings, a very good “Microgaming Casino” Myjackpotcasino!
Games and banners are in Flash available so players can start playing very quickly!
Become an afiliate at Fruitkings and Myjackpotcasino!
Brands: Fruitkingsplaza, Jackpotslotty, Skillkrassen en MyJackpotCasino.
The Fruitkings partner program:

MyjackpotCasino brings + 50 casino games! – Microgaming software
and a very friendly Welcome-bonus for you players! Easy to cah out! – Curaçao

AffiliateLounge 25% – 50%

Works together with Bettson. Brands are: CasinoEuro, Cherrycasino and all brands of Bettson, including casino, poker, bingo and a sportsbook.
Software and support available in many different languages.
register at AffiliateLounge and Bettson

Affiliate Lounge/Betsson – Malta/Austria

JackpotRed – up to 40%

JackpotRed now in Dutch, English, German, French, Italian, Spanish and Portugese!
5 Euro free for new players to try out the real money games!

Sign up here!

Jackpot Red is part of Netgaming Solutions.

Starpartner 27% – 35%

90% revenueshare for the first month!
No negative carry-over
Starpartner brands:

* Crazy Vegas
* Golden Riviera
* Sun Vegas
* River Nile
* Maple Casino
* 777 Dragon
* Aspinalls
* Cinema Casino
* Casino France Net
* Casino US / UK
* 28 Vegas
* Crazy Mobile


* Crazy Poker
* Golden RivieraPoker
* Aspinalls Poker

Starpartners: 82 Kapodistria, Limassol – Cyprus -Telephone: 011 253 9744


We do not have very good experiences with this affiliate program, but because they offer some nice “flat fees”, pay in advancefor just having their banners on your website, we still mention them here.


Europa Casino –
Casino del Rio –
Vegas Red –
Titan Poker –
Cameo Casino 500$ Welcome bonus –
Poker Ocean –
Bingo Day – –
Casino Bellini –
Tony G. Poker

TheNationTraffic – Israel

Fortune Affiliates 25% – 35%


7 Sultans Casino
Desert Dollar Casino
Fortune Room
Platinum Play
Royal Vegas –
Vegas Palms Casino
Vegas Towers Casino
Vegas Villa Casino

Fortune Affiliates – South Africa


Play65: Backgammon, Scratchtickets

Primepartners – Cyprus


The best advice we have for new webmaster casino affiliates is:


1. Learn all you can by reading here at forums, like CAP, SEOChat, and the available industry message boards. Do this first. Then develop a game plan. So many people just dive in, make a ton of mistakes, waste time and money and THEN they decide its time to learn. Its easier if you put the horse before the cart. Knowledge is your horse.

2. Work. Work and Work some more. It takes time and effort to succeed in the casino affiliate marketing. Make the comittment that you will spend at least four hours per day working PRODUCTIVELY on your business, then do it! Dont let TV, the kids, the dog, your buddies or anything else draw you away from working your business (they will all try). AFTER work you play.

3. Earn. Yeah, thats the part we all like best, when the earnings start coming in. It will most likely take months before you start earning, but anyone who is in the casino affiliate marketing can tell you once that first payment arrives all the previous sacrifices will be worth it.

Want any proof?

Check this casino affiliate poll, and be convinced.

Look for these options:

  • Customized software with your brand or theme.
  • Pre-designed templates for quick and easy creation of your casino’s website.
  • Accurate and easy-to-use reporting tools to monitor your casino’s performance.
  • The technology needed to ensure games and financial transactions are handled securely and smoothly, including our Finance department at your disposal to handle all deposits and cash-outs!
  • A responsive Customer Service team with support in over a dozen languages.
  • Email marketing to your existing players to generate more revenue.
  • Exciting player contests and special promotions that enable you to attract and retain players.
  • 25% – 60% in commission on the revenue you generate through your custom-brand casino.

Starting your own online casino has never been easier – our technology, finance and marketing support are all there to help you succeed so sign up now and begin earning money today!


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